News Insight - June 29ᵗʰ

A Modern-Day Tragedy: What is Happening in Yemen?

Either in the news or social media, we see that there is an ongoing war in Yemen. Aside from knowing why there is a war in this Middle Eastern country, most of us do not even know where Yemen is. However, it is a fact that one of the worst humanitarian crises of the modern world is now taking place in this country. Having cost thousands of lives and a nation's future, what is the story behind this civil war?

—  Didem ÖZÇAKIR

Editor's Note

Hello again, lovely readers! 


First of all, we would like to express our gratitude to you for your interest in our bulletin! Thanks to you we have been gaining more momentum and have been expanding our content each month. On this issue, we have taken into consideration the importance of the month of June and increased the quantity of articles as well as improving the content of each one! We know that these are trying times for us all, and we are hoping that with the new advancements we are offering you this month, you will both fulfill your thirst for knowledge and take your mind off your daily struggles for a bit. With that being said, let us look at what all these new and improved elements are of the 3rd issue of PRESENT! 


Two main issues we present this month are the Coronavirus and Pride Month. “Agenda of the Month” has a great article for you about the political aspect of the Coronavirus, you can also read about Coronavirus and its outcomes in “Present and Voting”, “News Insight”, and our brand-new section “Historical” which analyzes the past pandemics in this issue. In order to celebrate Pride Month properly, we brought to you not one, or two, but three articles on the current struggles that the LGBTI+ community faces in “Spotlight”, our fresh as the day section that will discover the common points of two disciplines “Intersection” and PRESENT’s door that opens to the entertainment world “Trivial”. This month, our “Online” section will question Twitter and its contributions to the political landscape. We also have two additional sections in this issue: “Universal” which will examine the Universal Human Rights issue and “Present and Chill” which will hopefully put a smile on your face. Last but not least, “This Month in History” is full of interesting anniversaries/birthdays as usual. Do not forget to check them out!


As we tried to achieve with previous issues, our focus and aim are to update you on the current and salient matters of the world every month. We wish to inform and entertain you as much as possible during the unfortunate timespan that we are in due to COVID-19. Lastly, we as the PRESENT team will try to continuously deliver this bulletin to you first Monday of each month to keep you both updated and hopefully, leave you with a smile on your face. 


Stay home, stay safe!

Hülya Afat & Şebnem Yaren

Editors of the 3rd issue


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